Sustainable Development of Indonesia Biodiversity



Biodiversity is a one of life capitals that is highly profitable and can be developed to provide the needs of a country’s development. A random management model that only focuses on economics interest has made Indonesia as a biodiversity country is unbearable to face the threat of extinction and becomes the most threatened country in the world for its biodiversity. Therefore, a tremendous support is highly needed to any research on the richness of biodiversity in Indonesia to reveal the uncover of Indonesia's potential. Furthermore, the concept of sustainable development must be implemented to strive Indonesia's biodiversity to be available to provide added values as well as more efficient for life, while at the same time maintaining the balance of the earth's ecosystems. Therefore this conference is designed to summarize the results of research on Indonesia's biodiversity; both to assess ecological conditions, reveal the potential and various biodiversity developments that have been carried out by researchers.

Auditorium Universitas Nasional Blok I, Floor 4. Jalan Sawo Manila Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Monday, Oktober 21st, 2019; 07.30 A.M - 17.00 P.M

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Dedy Darnaedi

(Universitas Nasional; Kebun Raya Bogor-LIPI) with topic ‘Diversity and The Beauty of Indonesian Ferns’.

Invited Speaker

Prof. Dr. Ernawati Sinaga, MS.Apt.

(Vice Rector for Research, Community Services and Cooperation-Universitas Nasional, Jakarta) with topic "Freshwater Fishes as Potential Source of Nutraceuticals".

Prof.Dr. Imam Widhiono MZ

(Dean of Facultyof Biology Universitas Jendral Sudirman) with topic "Conservation Strategy of Pollinating Insects".

Robert Butler Stuebing M.A

(Techinical Advisor, Conservation - R.E.A Holdings/PT.REA KalTim) with topic "Conservation and The Palm Oil Palmist".

Bernat Ripoll Caplla

(Co-Director of Borneo Nature Foundation) with topic "Conservation Biodiversity and Landscap for Sustainable Development"*.

Godwin Limberg

(Regonal Manager at PT. Daemeter Consulting) with topic "Sustainable Use Solution on Biodiversity Resources".



  • Potential and Utilization of Biodiversity
  • Management of Biodiversity
  • Ecology Condition of Biodiversity
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    July 22 - September 20

    Abstract Submission

    September 22

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    July 22 - September 30

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    September 30

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    October 1 - October 14

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    Indonesia's National Authem, Indonesia Raya


    Chanting Prayer


    Welcoming Speach by
    1. Chief Executive of The Committe (Annual Report)
    2. Rector of UNAS (Opening of Conference)


    Keynote Speaker :
    Prof. Deddy Darnaedi (Universitas Nasional-Kebun Raya-LIPI)


    Invited Speaker:
    1. Prof. Dr. Ernawati Sinaga, MS.Apt. (Vice Rector for Reserach, Community Services and Cooperation - Universitas Nasional, Jakarta)
    2. Prof.Dr. Imam Widhiono MZ (Dekan Fak Biologi Unsoed)
    3. Robert Butler Stuebing M.A (Technical Advisor, Conservation-R.E.A Holdings/PT. REA KalTim)
    4. Bernat Ripoll Capilla (Director of Borneo Nature Foundation)
    5. Godwin Limberg (Regional Manager at PT. Daemeter Consulting)


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